Our Packages

2-Day/1-Night Package: Thungnangdam Island + One-Day Trip to Mu Ko Surin

Day 1

08.00 น.

Meet at Khuraburi Pier

09.00 น.

Depart for Mu Ko Surin, the world-class tourist destination, by speedboat equipped with snorkeling gear; dive and see manta rays, plankton eating a giant whale shark, various schools of pelagic fish, exquisite staghorn coral, magnificent feather dusters, and other multicolored soft coral

16.30 น.

Depart from Mu Ko Surin for Thungnangdam Pier

18.00 น.

Witness the sunset at Ko Ra (Japan Island), watch the magnificent Mu Ko Surin from the Thungnangdam beachfront where you will be staying.

19.00 น.

Dine on BBQ seafood and enjoy the local fruits and herbal refreshments

20.30 น.

Relax amid the serenity of Thungnangdam Island

Day 2

07.00 น.


08.00 น.

Your leisure time: join in our wide range of activities on offer or simply relax and enjoy

12.00 น.

Lunch on Thungnangdam Island

13.00 น.

Depart for Khuraburi Pier

13.30 น.

Arrive at Khuraburi Pier, stop by the local gift and souvenir shops in Phang Nga

Food & Drink

Our cafeteria serves all meals included in the package and also carries several other beverages for sale. We do not allow food and drinks to be brought to the island. Service charges for bringing your own whisky, wine, mixers and beer are 220, 20, and 30 Baht/bottle, respectively. Refrigeration service for any beverage is 20 Baht/bottle.

Fresh Water & Electricity

Fresh water is supplied 24 hours a day. Electricity is provided by generator between 6:00pm and 10:00pm. No electrical appliances are allowed with the exception of mobile phone chargers.

What to Bring

Bring toiletries and other personal items like soap, toothpaste, shampoo, medications, and other necessities. One beach towel per person is provided.

Boat Timetable

The boat trip to the island takes 30 minutes and leaves Khuraburi Pier twice a day, in the morning at 9:00am and in the afternoon at 2:00pm.

Items Prohibited on the Island

Addictive substances, weapons and all foods and drinks.

Waste (Garbage)

Every tent has its own garbage bin. We would appreciate it if you would kindly deposit and and take back your own waste (if any) in the bag provided so that we can help preserve the environment and protect the delicate ecology, wildlife, and habitats on the island.

*** We reserve the right not to refund your deposit payment under any circumstances.

*** We reserve the right to amend the program itinerary and price as appropriate. Changes are made primarily with the best interests and benefits of guests in mind.