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Free Activities

1. Savanna Park: See the boundless savanna prairie with its towering white and red cajuput trees that look like giant bonsai

2. Get carried away in the Kradumthong and Kradumkao flower fields and all the varieties of grass flowers.(Periods August toDecember)

3. Visit the reservoir with its superb mirror-like crystal clear water

4. Orchid Garden: See such indigenous varieties of orchid as the ground orchid, dendrobrium cruentum (aeoung pak nok kaew), the toothbrush orchid, the giant or tiger orchid, and a wide variety of dendrobium

5. Witness the ecosystem of the indigenous ferns, caladium, palm trees, pong pong trees, the flourishing yellow teak jungle, and wild flowers; listen to the chirping and singing of jungle birds and insects; visit cashew nut, fruit, and para rubber tree farms

6. Go fishing from the wooden bridge viewpoint on the other side of island amidst the mangrove forest (please bring your own fishing gear)

7. Hike and rock-climb to Thungnangdam viewpoint facing the boundless beach and look back to observe the beautiful water courses channeling through the mangrove forest, then see the spectacular view from the skyscraping Khao Nang Non (Khao Phra Mee) with its gorgeous waterfall during the rainy season

8. Visit Khao Sok, the only place in the world where you can spot the “40 fingers” palm tree on the mountainside; many large and lofty trees where eagles and hawks build their nests are abundant on Thungnangdam Island

9. Go bird-watching and observe teals, red-wattled lapwings, sea hawks, emerald doves, edible-nest swiftlets, red junglefowl, and many other species (bring your cameras!). Wildlife and bird snaring and poaching are absolutely prohibited

10. Try out solo rock-climbing on Thungnangdam Island within specified periods

11. Other sporting activities and games include football, volleyball, takraw, quoit, disk or frisbee throwing, darts, petanque, and kite-flying

12. Pay homage to the holy Buddha at the island’s famous Temple of Immortal of Chinese Stories (Viharn Sian)

Note: Activities are available to guests both in the morning and afternoon (depending on weather conditions), or you can rent a mountain bike and explore on your own.